honey是什么意思中文 honey表达的中文是什么意思

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honey是什么意思中文 honey表达的中文是什么意思

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  名词蜂蜜; <口>宝贝; 可爱的`人

  形容词蜜的; 心爱的; 加了蜜的; (蜜一样)甘美的

  及物动词给…加蜜; 对…甜言蜜语

  1. 蜂蜜

  Honey is a sweet, sticky, yellowish substance that is made by bees.

  2. (爱称)亲爱的,宝贝

  You call someone honey as a sign of affection.

  e.g. Honey, I don't really think that's a good idea.



  1. Dissolve the corn starch with water and add to the honey and lemon juice.

  2. Some are best eaten raw - such as the little honey red and cherry toms.

  3. Lu says honey helped her overcome endocrine dyspraxia, after she gave birth to a child.

  4. And then there are the ten flavors of house rum at 15 yuan a glass, ranging from ginger and honey to orange and clove.

  5. Honey may work by coating and soothing an irritated throat, the study authors said.

  6. Vivid flowers on a cushion used by a woman for her motorcycle were so lifelike that hundreds of bees attempted to collect honey from it.

  7. With age they mature into considerate adults able to express themselves more elegantly, offering aromas of honey and toast.

  8. Flavors of honey and lemon present themselves in a delightful combination, and those flavors linger a long time like a new lover's farewell kiss.

  9. Like ants to honey the population feeds and thrives on this devotion to the family, which is at the core of Chinese New Year celebrations.

  10. Serve hot with a drizzle of honey and a dollop of fresh cream.


  Why should all money and love as two can not get things? Indeed, some people for the money, abandoned the love. I want to, such people, should be like something for nothing. Like to get money by others, but not their own efforts. Someone to love, instead of money. Perhaps, he no money, but I think, as long as he and his wife together, will get more money in the future!

  In fact, for different people, different things, the love of money and status is changing. The key is to ask yourself, what have a look, the party was obtained whether it be worth oneself to sacrifice other things.

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